2011 DEMO

by Thy Devourer

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Being of Metal
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Being of Metal These guys are fucking brutal in every way, the tone the brain-crushing blasts and the amazingly technical yet intriguing riffs. Definitely a great listen when playing graphic games! Favorite track: Tyranny Speaks.
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Darrel Killer brutal death metal. I do approve greatly of this.
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released August 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Thy Devourer Birmingham, Alabama

Death metal friends that like to write and play, fast and heavy.

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Track Name: I, Defiled
Disperse onto this land, you fucking coward among the sea.
drown in your sinking ships and suffocate beneath your lost legacy.

open your wrists and bleed,
your veins are rotting with disease.
this is how it all ends. (this is how it ends)
chase down your empty fallacies and wallow in disbelief
I am awake, this beast is me.

tear down the hands of god should they follow you in your sleep.
what will they say, what would they think?
to find you empty, dismantled in the street.
watching you stumble towards clarity.
open your fucking lungs and breathe.
is this what you want to be, or it this some form of sympathy.
pace carefully as you tread along the rivers’ cheek,
to drown out humanities defeat.

fuck everything.

Eyes, in horror, turn to watch the cycle begin
as broken forms consume the night, i feel the hatred from within.
I am this dead machine.

venomous disease consuming every fragment of your being
rip out your eyes
carve up your breath
you’ll find the will to see.
lie through your teeth,
fall to pieces,
pleading for this life to cease.

tread carefully.
drown out humanity.
Track Name: Tyranny Speaks
clocks change to the beckoning hour of our mortality,
his name is said to be the premise of our
slow descent to hell.

they heave out their insides with each forward step
marching them closer towards hell.
he leads them one by one to dystopic depths,
burning out their lungs with
every gasping breath.

caught in eternal reign,
your god has failed.

torn gates wheeze in aching skin with scorching bone.
the beast inside awaits,
no one saves us.
the dead exhume and swallow the sky.
we are brought here as cowards
left to die.

we see the end
before our eyes.
this is the fall
fall of all men.
shaking the ground; he draws near,
devouring what’s left.

torn husks remain;
pleading for death, wrapped in ash
their limbs astray,

There will be nothing left.
Track Name: Born in Blood
tonight is the night.
beckoning the blade as it slides through your spine
disfiguring everything
there is no escape

dark passenger always having his way
while death takes his cold embrace.

this is my pride, i'll take your life
and watch you start to slip away
you'll see the damage man can do
severing your limbs and cleaving your body in two
it was me
but i am not through with you,
trust me.

my eager scalpel aches to taste the seams of your swollen flesh
i'll wrap you tightly and spill you between these plastic walls
i feed the monster inside
by my code
at least i feel alive
to survive.

born in blood
my hunger thirsts
ravenous and cold
syringe and scalpel
no more feeling
no fucking remorse.

we're face to face
brothers born to kill
by the hands of the other
he's strung up and hollow
i'll drain the blood from your throat
i feel so empty while i'm turning your corpse inside out
like something broken, never actually alive
but now you're ended

one more for my collection

they'll find you missing
never to be seen again.

falling beneath,
your body sinks into the harbor
a stagnant shell that
quells my ache
just like the rest
i've led you to your fucking slaughter
the depths
we've got our secrets
a shattered man
who's mask is surely everlasting
this is who i am
a monster sleeping in myself
i've been set free
to think that my own blood could become
my enemy.

he lies beneath
he has been set free
to think that my own blood could
become my enemy.
Track Name: Carrion
In the end we will be petrified through callous beings, 
I smell their flesh, I hear them waiting in the dark beneath.
our hands are tied in sacrilege. 
our tongues are seared,
we cannot speak. 

how can we stand to destroy what cannot be,
how do we stop infinite beings. 
if only we could shake into ghosts in our sleep.
we are suffocating in a plume of dust as the world quietly shakes, 
watch as night churns fire,
melting down to our  sunken knees. 
our bones splinter in the tide as we tread this wasteland,
our lungs amputated
as they're pulled through ripped up throats.
this systematic end of days has left us in decay.
left us in decay
where is that fucking carrion, where is that putrid beast?
Ending everything.

falling one by one, we wish there were some form of finality.
he is soon to pry apart the earth and separate the fucking seas. so kneel as rust consumes thee.
succumb to thy fucking enemy. 
your skin will pale at his feet, 
so kneel as rust consumes thee. 
his flesh now animate.